Enjoy the Pool without Getting Stung

Paper wasp isolated on whiteThis Summer, numerous amounts of people will be spending their time in the heat by the pool.  But what happens when stinging insects decide to do the same?

Picture this.  You’re laying out by the pool, but the iced tea in your hand just isn’t cooling you down.  Thus, you decide to jump in the pool to cool off.  But wait!  A couple Bees or Wasps decide to join you.  What do you do?

Most people that encounter Bees or Wasps during pool time start splashing, screaming, or trying to swat them away.  However, it’s these reactions that get them stung.  The first rule when encountering one of these stinging pests is not to panic or swat at it.  Secondly, if one lands on you, lightly blow at it rather than smacking it.

The National Pest Management Association reported that stinging insects send more than 500,000 people to the emergency room every year.  If stung and the stinger is still in place, first remove the stinger. Then clean the area with soap and cold water.  Lastly, apply ice.  If you have any sort of allergic reaction such as tongue and throat swelling, wheezing, dizziness, or any other extreme symptoms, call 9-1-1 immediately.

If you are having Bee or Wasp activity around your home or commercial property, do NOT deal with the issue on your own.  Get professional help from a local pest control company.

Bee Hive Removal Tucson ArizonaWhat does Essential offer for Bee/Wasp removal?

Fast Response and Reasonable Rates
Comb & honey removal
Property Surveys
Elimination of wasps & other stinging insects
Bee elimination and removal
Pheromone Bee Trapping
24 hr. Emergency Service

The Essential Difference

With years of experience and training, Essential’s licensed technicians can handle any Bee problem.  Our focus is providing a quick response combined with professional service.  Essential is there to educate clients and prevent future Bee problems, including ways to prevent from getting stung.  Essential offers more than simple bee removal services.  Essential can provide preventive programs and lasting solutions to prevent future problems.

Research credit to the National Pest Management Association.

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