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Protect the ones you love With Essential’s pest control services

Essential Pest Control would like to help keep your home bug free.  Protecting your home from unwanted, damaging and filthy pest is what we do best!  Our state licensed pest applicator’s pride themselves on providing quality service at a reasonable price.

As a company we take pride in serving our customers, we do our homework, with safety and effectiveness being our main focus.  We hire team members that are trustworthy and competent to take care of your pest problems. All of our employee’s must pass a thorough background check, and drug screening, we take your safety serious.

Even though the state only requires 6 hours of continuing education for certified applicators, we provide our employee’s with over 40 hours of training per year. When our technician shows up to your home he will provide a thorough inspection and create a pest program that will have the highest impact on the pesky bugs and the least impact on your family, pets and loved ones.

Save$ 25 on an initial pest control plan

Need more information on our services or want to schedule a courtesy inspection? Fill out the form below and one of our friendly customer’s service representatives will contact you shortly!