What to Do If You Find Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Tucson

Bed Bug with Blood

Years ago, Bed Bugs were just considered an amusing villain in a nursery rhyme.  These days, whether you’re taking a vacation or traveling for business, there is no guarantee that you won’t carry some home with you.

Although Bed Bugs are not deadly, nor do they carry diseases, they are a nuisance and hard to control.  Situations involving Bed Bug infestation should be handled by a pest control professional.  Knowing what to do if you find Bed Bugs is of utmost importance.  Bed Bugs are notoriously known for being hard to get rid of.

When staying in hotels, be sure to check the mattress for Bed Bugs.  Remember, whether you’re staying in a five star or one star hotel, Bed Bugs can be present.  Although this particular pest is nocturnal, a large infestation will leave black fecal matter.

If you know you have stayed in a place with Bed Bugs, even if the hotel treated your belongings, be very careful about bringing everything back into your house.  Call your local pest control company for more information and treatment options immediately.

Essential offers treatments that primarily consist of precise applications of insecticides into known Bed Bug harborages and potential hiding places throughout the living space.  Bedding encasement’s, vacuuming, and steaming may also be implemented.  At least two additional visits are done following the initial treatment.  These follow-ups are to re-inspect infested areas and apply additional control measures.

If you are having a problem with Bed Bugs, call Essential today for a free courtesy inspection at (520) 886-3029.

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