Fire Ant Alert!

Although there are many different species of Ants in the United States, Fire Ants are one of the most feared.

Fire AntFire Ants are most active at night, and their nest usually looks like a group of small mounds.  They prefer moist areas such as lawns, underneath boards, as well as under rocks.  They tend to forage in trails for both proteins and sugars.  Fire Ants will frequently move their colonies, and are quite protective of them.  If you step into the territory of these Ants and disturb their nest, you are guaranteed to get stung.

Although most Ants sting one at a time, Fire Ants sting together.  They wait until there are numerous members of their colony on their victim, and then sting at the same time.  This is done to show their victim a stronger message.

Prevention of Fire Ants start with eliminating piles of lumber, brick, or other debris that could be possible nesting sites.  Landscape mulch should be at least 10-12 inches from the foundation and less than 2 inches thick.  Control often requires baits that the Ants take back to their colony to share or direct application of insecticide to the nesting sites.

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