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Fire AntDescription:

The Fire Ant has a shiny bright red head and body with a black abdomen.  They can measure up to 1/3 inch.


Fire Ants are most active at night.  Their nests are shallow and usually look like a group of small mounds.  They prefer moist areas such as lawns, underneath boards or rocks.  They tend to forage in trails for both proteins and sugars.  Fire Ants will frequently move their colonies.  Workers have a painful sting.


Fire Ant Mound Opening

Prevention techniques include eliminating piles of lumber, brick, or other debris that could be possible nesting sites.  Landscape mulch should be at least 10-12 inches from the foundation and less than 2 inches thick.  Control often requires baits that ants take back to colony to share or direct insecticide application to the nesting sites.

Fun Fact:

These ants will wait to sting until there are multiple ants on their victim to create a more potent message.