Four Tricks to Keep Your Kitchen Ant-Free

quality pest control serviceThe summer months can mean great fun, but they can also mean great responsibility. We are, of course, talking about bugs. Bugs and pests are the villains of summer, ruining our backyard events by buzzing around our ears and leaving bites on our arms. Termites alone are responsible for $1-2 billion dollars of property damage in an average year.

But while you’re on the lookout for termites and running flea combs through your dog’s fur after a long walk through the tall grass, another pest is making a home in your kitchen: the ant.

Getting rid of ants
Ants are social insects and odds are if you see one in your kitchen, the entire colony is lurking somewhere nearby. Here are a number of ways to keep your kitchen safe from these pesky insects.

  1. Use lemon water or cinnamon
    Ants are known to be repelled by the scent of lemon. Mix lemon with warm water in a spray bottle and spray along your kitchen surfaces to repel the ants away from the room. Or, if you or a loved one is allergic to citrus, utilizing ground cinnamon on the windowsills and by doorways will do the trick as well.
  2. Petroleum jelly
    To keep ants from getting into your dog or cat’s food and water dishes, surround their dishes with petroleum jelly. This will create a barrier for the ants and it will be more difficult for them to get to your animal’s food, allowing you time to get rid of them before they can become a nuisance.
  3. White vinegar
    Like lemon, ants are discouraged by the strong smell of white vinegar. Incorporate a mixture of white vinegar and warm water into a spray bottle and spray around your kitchen. The intense smell will keep the ants from being able to smell their own trails and it will cause them to lose direction, making them easier to get rid of.
  4. Quality pest control service
    When in doubt, hire a quality pest control service for a guaranteed pest extermination. It’s easy to believe a pest is gone after wiping them down for a few days and putting them routinely outdoors. However, a quality pest control service will be able to ensure the eradication of an ant colony from your house as well as any other additional pests which may be hiding in your walls.

Keep your house, loved ones, and pets safe this summer by practicing routine pest control. Create natural barriers around your home utilizing organic materials that keep ants away and check the fur of your pets after they’ve been outdoors in order to ward off a potential infestation. And when the time comes, know when to seek the help of a quality pest control service in order to reduce any potential damage to your home.

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