Free Termite Inspection

Free Termite Inspection

Termite Inspector Documenting Termite Activity

Buildings are an ideal food source for Termites.  Many buildings utilize large irrigation systems that serve as a much needed moisture source for Termites.

Essential is licensed, insured, and holds an excellent record with the Office of Pest Management.  When it comes to Termite control and Termite prevention, Essential uses only the latest technology to document the discoveries of Termite activity.

Treatment of Termites will depend upon the construction of a structure and personal preferences of the property owner.  There are two treatment options; a conventional liquid treatment or a Termite baiting system.  To help a property owner form such an executive decision, a Termite inspection must be completed.

Here at Essential, we understand that not everyone knows Termites like a pest control professional.  When performing a Termite inspection, we inform our customers about Termites and the threat they pose to property owners.

Typical evidence of termite activity is identified by the mud shelter tubes that Termites build.  These tubes are used as roadways into the structure for Termites to forage on the wood and return to the soil where they live.


Termite Control Tucson

Termite Inspector Updating Termite Data

Shelter tubes typically can be found on the exterior stem wall, interior drywall, or drop down from the ceiling.  Upon discovery of Termite activity a Termite treatment will need to be done in order to protect the structure.

The Essential Difference

Essential’s licensed inspectors are focused on meeting the needs of property owners and their agents.  Essential’s staff realizes that Termite inspections are time critical.  Essential will meet the scheduling demands without sacrificing the quality of the inspection, treatment, or service. Essential offers free Termite inspections.

Essential Provides

Quality Service & Affordable Rates
Free Estimates & Plan Reviews
24-hour service and flexible scheduling
Complete Wood Report & Inspection
Supplemental Reports after Corrective Action
Complete Termite Treatments
Termite Warranties Available

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