Getting Rid Of Black Widow Spiders

Black Widows are the most dangerous species of spiders in the world.  In North America, female Black Widows are the most recognizable.  The females have a shiny black body with long thin black legs.  Another common detail is the red hour glass design on their back.  However, the hour glass design may not always be there.

Builds Web In Dark Corners

Builds Web In Dark Corners

In contrast, though male Black Widows have the same pattern, they are brown and white.  Young Black Widows are very light in color until they reach an adult stage.  After mating, female Black Widows usually kill the male.  This is how the name “Black Widow” was created.  During the reproductive stage, female Black Widows become more aggressive.  The females are protective over their eggs and will be defensive when webbing.

Unlike most spiders, when female Black Widows create their web, it is nearly invisible.  Black Widows webs are made of strong and sticky silk, making it the strongest out of all spiders webs.  This web is made to catch their prey, which usually flying insects.  The life span of a female Black Widow is around 180 days as an adult.  However, male Black Widows only live 30 days once they have matured.  Although only females bite, they can be serious and sometimes fatal.

Keeping spiders out of your home consist of a clear living space.  Moving debri away from your home can greatly reduce Black Widow appearance.  This pest likes to be in dark hidden places to build their webs.  Elimination of these harborage areas and a Pest Control treatment can effectively control Black Widow activity.

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