Got Ants in your pants?

Have you ever experienced an Ant bite before?  Did it sting?

Harvester Ants

Harvester Ants

Harvester Ants are out in full swing!  It’s time to gather up their food, and they’ll do what’s necessary to protect it.  Harvester Ants gather seeds as their primary food source. They generally clear large spherical areas completely free of any plants or debris around their nest entrance.  These ants will aggressively protect their colonies by biting and stinging.

This particular Ant is red-orange or black and carries its abdomen high in the air when running.  They are typically 3/8 inch in length.  Harvester Ants swarm in the summer to find mates and spawn new colonies.  The swarms will usually gather around a high point such as a chimney, tall trees, or towers.  This is called “hill-topping.”

How do you get rid of Harvester Ants?  Reduce available water sources such as leaking pipes and irrigation.  These Ants are also discouraged by gravel or rocks covering the dirt.  The use of special Ant baits and direct insecticide applications are the most successful methods of control.

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