The Silent Destroyers

Termite Baiting SystemThe Sentricon Always Active Baiting System is the most advanced system on the market in regards to Termite baiting.  Bait stations that contain the bait material are strategically placed around the structure.  When Termites consume the bait, it is transferred throughout the colony.

To the right you will see a before and after representation of the bait material used in the Sentricon system.  As you can see, the bait material works as a great food source for Termites.  Little do they know, they are being poisoned as it is consumed.

The bait stations within the Sentricon system are replaced frequently, keeping the bait fresh and active.  When the bait is placed in the ground, it grows a mold.  This mold effect attracts Termites and lures them in.  Anyone who is looking to have a “green” Termite treatment that is effective should consider this system.

The Sentricon Always Active Baiting System is a green system often used as a preventative treatment for Termite activity.  The baiting system is strategically placed around a structure to get Termites to eat the bait instead of the structure.

Some advantages of the Sentricon system are:
Eliminates the Termites
Reduces chemical use & potential exposure
Works on all property construction types
Eliminates the unsightly results of drilling a home

Interested in having this unique Termite baiting system installed?  Call Essential today for more information!

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