What are Halictid Bees?

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Halictid Bees are also known as “sweat bees.”  This particular bee is part of the 500 species in the Halictidae family from North America alone.  Halictid Bees are very important pollinators.  These Bees are metallic green in color and most nest in the ground.  However, some species of Halictidae nest in wood.

Why do they call them “sweat bees?”  This name originates merely from the fact that some of the Halictidae species are attracted to sweat.  Therefore, they are well known for their habit of landing on people to collect salt from perspiration.  Halictid Bees are sometimes compared to Cuckoo Wasps due to resemblance.  However, Halictid Bees lack the ability to curl up into a ball to protect themselves.  This species is most attracted to smaller prairie wildflowers.  Although Halictid Bees are small in size, a large amount of them may cover a wide area of wildflowers at a time.

These bees will only sting if they are disturbed.  Controlling this particular species of Bees should be performed by a professional in order to obtain a safe environment.  Treating Bee infestations is dangerous and sometimes fatal.  If you are experiencing a problem with Halictid Bees or have questions, call us today at (520) 886-3029.

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