Don’t get a nasty letter from your HOA

HOA and Weed Control

Weeds are the nemesis of all homeowners that live in an HOA. They are unsightly and can get out of hand in a matter of two weeks during optimal weather conditions. Some weeds are actually beautiful but at the end of the day they can become overgrown and get you a nasty letter from your HOA. Why waste your free time pulling weeds when there are options to reduce weed growth?Pre Emergent Weed Control (blue)

Did you know that simply applying a pre emergent herbicide every six months can reduce weed growth up to 70%. Post emergent herbicides will control the rest. Some of you reading this are thinking, what is a pre and post emergent?

Pre emergent herbicides prevent the germination of seeds by inhibiting a key enzyme. Once applied, it is recommended to water it in so it reaches the seeds. Keep in mind pre emergent products will only affect seeds that have not sprouted. Optimal months to apply a pre emergent are, mid January -early March and Mid June- early August. Pre emergent should be reapplied every six months.DSC_0060

Post emergent herbicides are what you spray on visible existing weeds. Post emergent is applied as needed to weeds fewer than 10 inches in height.

Using these products combined can control 100% of weed growth. If you have hard to kill weeds like Puncturevine, Spurge, Russian Thistle, London Rocket or Bermuda Grass they can take a few cycles of pre emergent applications to notice a decrease in weed growth, so be patient. Since we live in the desert weed seedlings are constantly blowing in our yards this is a part of nature’s reproductive process. Weed-Control-CouponOngoing weed maintenance is ideal to prevent a letter from your HOA.

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