Homeowners Beware of ‘Pretty’ Termites!

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Pest control services are essential for homeowners who are at risk of infestations and structural damage. Especially during termite season, these pests can cause such significant damage that you’d end up spending a lot of money on repair costs.

That’s why it’s so important to work with termite control services before any serious damage has occurred.

Termites actually damage roughly 600,000 homes every year in the United States. According to Market Watch, the termite control industry is expected to reach such large numbers over the next few years, that by 2022, the entire market is likely to exceed $4.11 billion.

As stated on Phys.org, part of the reason so much money will be spent on pest control over the next few years is the maturity of “pretty” termites.

“If you have a mature colony with a million termites at 100 percent of their capacity, your house may be in trouble,” said Thomas Chouvenc, a research assistant in entomology and co-researcher, along with Nan-Yao Su, where the two studied the symmetry of the soldier caste of the Asian subterranean termite. “If the colony is very young, with just a few hundred termites in poor shape, then it would take more time for them to damage a structure. In the end, mature termite colonies are the ones doing the most economic damage.”

Chouvenc and Su examined 459 soldier termites from 73 six-month-old colonies to see how effectively the colonies nurtured the younger termites. They found that despite the appearance of “pretty” termites, they are actually the most damaging because of their levels of maturity.

“A termite with poor symmetrical traits looks all messed up, like it was hit by a car,” added Chouvenc. “On the opposite end, termites raised in a mature colony in great conditions develop smoothly and are good-looking specimen.”

Whether your home is infested with good-looking or “ugly” termites, you should contact a professional exterminator immediately so you can salvage parts of your property. If you are in need of immediate assistance and have termites attacking your home, contact Essential Pest Control today.

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