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Honey Pot AntHoney Pot Ant workers range from ¼ to ½ inch.  They can be reddish-tan to dark brown in color.  They have large black eyes, elbowed antennae, and two long mandibles.


These ants live underground in colonies.  There are two classes of workers.  The first class of workers can be found actively foraging after summer rains where they collect plant nectar and water.  They then return to the colony to fill the abdomens of the secondary workers.  Their abdomens can grow to be 5 times their original size.  These workers will store the nectar for seasons of drought for the rest of the colony.


Honey Pot Ant Mound

Honey Pot Ants are generally not found indoors.  If control measures are needed, gel baits and direct material applications are effective.

Fun Fact:

Honey Pot Ants can burst if they are too filled with nectar.