Spilling the Honey

You can never be too informed when it comes to stinging insects.  What they do may look simple, but the reality is they are more complex then we think.  Take a look at these interesting facts about Bees!

Are they native to America?
Honey Bees are not native to the Americas.  In fact, some Native Americans used to refer to Honey Bees as “White Man’s Flies.”

Bee Swarm Removal

Bee Swarm

How do Bees pick a queen?
Bees create 20 wax cells.  Next, their current Queen lays fertilized eggs within each cell.  A large swarm of Bees, known as the “prime swarm,” convince the queen to starve herself to fly.  Once she is able to fly, she will leave with the prime swarm to find a new place to create a colony.  As for a new queen, whichever egg leaves her cell first, will either take a swarm and establish another colony, or kill the other queens and become queen of that colony.

What Happens When the Queen Dies?
The queen of a colony will stop putting out pheromones.  Once she dies, the other Bees of the colony will stop smelling these pheromones and do what is necessary to create a new queen.

Are Honey Bees cold blooded?
No.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Bees have the ability to generate heat by vibrating their bodies.  A Bee that is in flight can reach the body temperature of 130° F.  However, a Bee that is caught in the cold rain can lose it’s ability to move.

How long does it take to make a pound of honey?
A Honey Bee colony will fly around 55,000 miles to create a pound of honey.  During a good season, a hive can produce as much as 60 pounds of honey.

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