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Horse FliesHorse Flies can range from ¼ inch to 1 ¼ inches in size.  They can be black, grey, reddish, or brown.  They are triangular in shape.


Horse Flies are a pest of both domestic and wild animals and occasionally to humans.  Females deposit eggs above water or mud.  When the larvae hatch, they fall into the water and feed on the aquatic life.  The adult females have scissor like mouthparts.  They use these to feed on the blood of animals.  Males collect pollen and nectar, honeydew, or other liquids.


Fly On Stable Rail

Control of this fly is difficult because it is capable of long flights.  Eliminating possible breeding grounds is helpful.  There are also specialized traps that can reduce the Horse Fly population is an area.

Fun Fact:

Horse Flies can take up to two years to complete their life cycle.