Don’t mix Bed Bugs and Travel

Bed Bugs and Travel

With the holidays vastly approaching so many families are deciding on travel plans. It is time to reserve your airplane ticket and book your hotel for the upcoming festivities.

If you are staying at a hotel make sure you stay Bed Bug Free! Bed Bugs are a fact and since they are hitchhikers it doesn’t matter if you stay in a one star or five star hotel. They are brought in and taken out, your job as a consumer is to educate yourself on how to stay bed bug free.

Step 1. Do Your Homework

Research the hotel and find out if there have been cases of bed bug infestations. Don’t be scared if there have been reports of Bed Bug activity (keep in mind bed bugs are hitchhikers and they are introduced by consumers) be scared if they have not rectified the situation. If a hotel has had Bed Bugs it does not mean it is a dirty hotel. Poor sanitation is not the reason you get Bed Bugs.

– Use the internet to look up review on the hotel you are looking to stay at
– Ask the hotel if they have had bed bug activity, they have to tell you
– If they have, find out when the last report was and if they have had the rooms professionally treated
– If they have taken the proper steps and had the room treated by a professional then do not be scared to stay at the hotel, book your room

Step 2. Be Proactive

There are so many great tools to help consumers stay Bed Bug free. The National Pest Management Association has great videos on how to inspect your hotel room and unpack your luggage when returning home.

– Learn how to inspect your hotel room before entering room
– Use dissolvable laundry bags for all clothing items
– Buy a reusable bed bug travel kit and use it

Step 3. Returning Home

Just in case you forget the above steps make sure you follow the unpacking rules.

– Do not take luggage inside your home until you have completed all steps
– Put all clothing in sealed bags and wash immediately
– Inspect all other items thoroughly
– Vacuum suite case thoroughly and throw away vacuum bag

If all else fails and you wake up with bite marks call us to schedule a courtesy inspection at 520-886-3029. Bed Bugs Fear the Blue!

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