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House Fly


House FlyHouse Flies measure ¼ inch.  They have four stripes on their thorax and the fly is dark gray in color.  They are also covered with fine hairs.


The House Fly is considered a health risk because it can frequent manure and garbage.  House Flies have sponging mouth parts they use to soak up their food.  Because its food can only be in liquid form, the fly spews digestive fluids onto solid food and soaks it back up.  House Flies primarily breed in animal manure.  Areas with many agricultural settings frequently have high levels of fly populations.


Maggots are Fly Larva

Fly control is most successful when sanitation is addressed.  Dog feces and garbage around a home and neighboring properties should be removed on a regular basis.  Garbage cans must be tightly sealed at all times.  House Flies indoors can be managed with specialized fly lights.  Other methods include baits and fly paper.

Fun Fact:

The House Fly is the most common fly in the world.