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House Mouse

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House Mouse


House MouseThe House Mouse can get up to 4 inches long with an equally long tail.  This mouse ranges from gray to light brown.  They leave behind small black droppings.


House Mice live inside and outside buildings.  With only an 18 day period of gestation, they are very prolific breeders.  They will have between 5 to 7 young per litter.  They will feed on various things including, bread, seeds, sweets, and grains.  They can nest in any undisturbed space.  House Mice can climb vertical walls and can jump up to 3 feet high.  They are most active at night.


Pipe Openings Provide Access

Improved sanitation will reduce the chances of having a mouse problem.  Seal cracks and crevices and make sure doors tightly shut.  When mice are present, strategically placing traps is a great way to control them.  If possible, nesting sites should be professionally removed and cleaned.

Fun Fact:

House Mice are often used in scientific experiments because their physiology is very similar to humans.