How Can You Tell Roaches from Other Insects?

cockroachCockroaches are among the most reviled of all insects. And even if you see just one roach skittering across your floor at night, there will probably be hundreds more hiding within the walls. A pest control technician can confirm the insect’s identity. But just in case you want to identify the specific type of roach yourself, you can use the following tips.


Identifying the German Cockroach

German cockroaches are fairly small. An adult might only be about half an inch long. You can identify them by their light brown to tan color. If you look closely, you might also see the dark lines running parallel down the space between their heads and their wings. These roaches also have the long antennae and legs that are characteristic of cockroaches in general. Although German cockroaches have wings, they do not fly.


Identifying the American Cockroach

Compared to the German cockroach, the American roach is a veritable giant. An adult can be 1.5 inches long. American roaches are dark brown or reddish-brown. And, to the dismay of many homeowners, American cockroaches can indeed use their wings for flying short distances. They are eager eaters, ingesting everything from garbage to plant material.


Identifying the Brown-Banded Cockroach

Like the German cockroach, the brown-banded roach is fairly small. An adult is about half an inch long. You can tell them apart from German roaches by their colors. Brown-banded cockroaches have lightly colored bands stretching across the abdomen and wings. The female of the species is a dark brown color, while the male is a golden tan.


Identifying the Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are nearly as long as their American cousins—about 1.25 inches as adults. Both the male and female of the species are so dark that they appear black. Neither the male nor the female flies, although the male has very short wings and the female has vestigial wings. Oriental cockroaches are often found in woodpiles, basements, and garages.

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