How the Sentricon System Works

Termites are the most destructive insect in the world.  In the United States they do billions of dollars in damage.  In nature, Termites serve as housekeepers of the desert, consuming and breaking down dead decaying wood.  Fortunately, there is a solution when it comes to preventing Termites.

Ever wonder how the Sentricon system works? The Sentricon always active baiting system is the most advanced baiting system on the market.  It works by taking advantage of the continuous foraging behavior of Termites and targets their biology.

Green Termite baiting stations are tactfully placed around the perimeter of a structure.  Inside these stations is the always active recruit HD bait.  When Termites approach the structure, they will first come in contact with the Termite bait within the Sentricon System.  In return, the Termites will take the bait back to their colony and eliminate the colony all together.

Termite Control

There are two types of houses in our region.  Those who have Termites, and those who will have Termites.  The Sentricon System helps eliminate these problems.  If you have noticed Termite activity or are looking to prevent Termites, call your local pest control professional today.  Not only will you be saving your home, but you’ll be saving your money too.

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