How to Get Rid of Firebrats

How to Get Rid of Firebrats


Firebrats are often mistaken for Silverfish. Although they are similar in size, Firebrats are a different pest.

They prefer higher temperatures that have some humidity.  Firebrats are usually found in commercial buildings, boilers, and furnaces.

Firebrats feed upon protein sources.  This includes dog food, flour, and even book bindings.  Unlike Silverfish, Firebrats do not cause major damage.

However, they can contaminate food and stain clothes.  Firebrats, just as Silverfish, have a fish appearance.

How to Get Rid of Firebrats

Controlling Firebrats begins with proper removal of moisture sources, reducing humidity, and a pest control treatment to kill existing Firebrats.  If you are having a problem identifying this pest or have questions regarding Firebrats, Essential Pest is there to help.

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