How to Get Rid of Kissing Bugs

Kissing BugsKissing bugs get their name from the mere fact they bite humans on and around their lips. This particular pest is usually found in the United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America. Although Kissing bugs are viewed as a “love” bug, they are quite the opposite. This pest can carry a parasite that is known to cause Chagas disease.

A Kissing bug is about an inch in length and have a cone-shaped head. Some species are a mix of orange and black in color. Kissing bugs also have wings and can fly. They are active at night and feed on the blood of mammals. This pest is often found near structures due to their exterior lighting.

The best way to attack a Kissing bug infestation is through a pest control professional. Sealing cracks, holes, and crevices is just a start to successfully eliminate a Kissing bug infestation. There are several other bugs that look similar to Kissing bugs, and having a thorough inspection is key to identification. If you are experiencing a problem with Kissing bugs, call Essential Pest Management today at (520) 886-3029.

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