How to get rid of Norway Rats

Norway Rat Tucson Arizona

Norway Rat Tucson Arizona

Norway Rats range from brown, gray, and black and measure up to 12 inches.  This particular rat is found world around the world.  Although they have small eyes, ears, and tails, they can cause a lot of structural damage.

Norway Rats feed on meats, fruits, grains, and nuts.  Though Norway Rats like to live close to water, they are drawn to piles of wood.  Any stored firewood should be removed or kept at a distance from any structure.  Not only can Norway Rats contaminate food, but they carry diseases.  Keeping your living space clean and free of debri will help reduce the risk of Norway Rats.

Eliminating any moisture source and fixing water leaks are just some options to eliminate Norway Rats.  Although sanitation is the first step to controlling this pest, each infestation is situational specific.

Fun Fact: The Norway Rat was brought to the United States by European settlers in 1775.  It is now the most widely distributed rat species in the country.

If you are having a problem with Norway Rats, call Essential Pest to schedule a free inspection.

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