How to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Yard

Weed Service

Pre-emergent Application in Yard

Picking and pulling weeds in your yard can be quite a hassle. Essential Pest is here to stop those weeds from growing and returning. This includes, but is not limited to plants such as Puncturevine, Spurge, Russian Thistle, London Rocket, and Bermuda grass.

If you’re looking for the best way for how to get rid of weeds in your yard, Essential Pest has the answer. We have designed a weed control program that kills existing weeds and stops weed seedlings from growing. Weed management begins with proper application of herbicide.


How to Get Rid of Weeds

First, Essential will apply a pre-emergent that stops seeds from developing. This prevents future weeds from popping up. Then, we apply a post emergence herbicide to kill any existing weeds. A temporary blue dye will indicate the proper treatment around a structure to insure coverage. Lastly, having a recurring weed control service makes dealing with weeds easy, affordable, and less time consuming.

Essential Pest Management offers commercial weed control programs, as well as residential weed control. If you’re having a problem getting rid of weeds or have questions about weed management, give us a call today at (520) 886-3029.

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