How to Keep Grasshoppers out of Your Garden

Pest Control


Grasshoppers are the most commonly found in meadows and fields.  Female Grasshoppers “sing” during the daytime hours by rubbing their legs against their wings.  Grasshoppers also make snapping sounds with their wings when they are in flight.  This pest ranges in size from about an inch to almost 3 inches in length.

Although this pest seems pretty harmless, they are very destructive to plants.  Most female Grasshoppers plant their eggs in the soil during Winter and emerge with a great population outbreak.  This particular pests can usually be found in fields at schools.

This outbreak creates a mass migration in search of food, causing swarms.  When their population expands, they become a nuisance and cause great damage to landscapes.

Controlling this pests starts with the proper application of insecticide.  If you attempt to treat the situation yourself, you may be creating a worse problem than you already had.  Properly treating the area that the pest problem is occurring in is crucial to eliminate pests.  The treatment for an outbreak of Grasshoppers should be performed by a pest control professional.  Get a free pest control quote today by calling Essential at (520) 886-3029.

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