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The buying and selling of a home can be a very busy and stressful process.  Here at Essential, we believe in helping to make that process a little easier.

Essential provides a thorough comprehensive inspection by an Arizona licensed inspector.  Providing useful tips for the home sellers, as well as the buyers.  There are many things to consider during the inspection process.

Theses concerns are grade, wood to Earth, excessive moisture, and of course Termites.  Fortunately, we have tips to stop Termites for potential, as well as current homeowners in regards to Termites.

1. If you are purchasing a home, have a state licensed Termite inspector inspect the property.  If you already own your home, have it inspected annually for evidence of Termite infestation.

2. Avoid wood to Earth contact.  This provides direct entry points for Termites into the structure, as well as moisture that can cause water damage.  Examples of this are: Wood-siding, lattice, wood posts, or any other wood that comes in contact with soil.

3. Avoid planting next to the structure.  These can obstruct inspections as well as be a moisture source.  Over watering around the perimeter of the home will help to break down and wash away pesticides used to protect the property from Termites.

4. Keep firewood and lumber away from the foundation.  Move stumps and cellulose debris away from the home.  Avoid excessive moisture around the foundation of the home.  Repair leaking faucets, water pipes, and dripping irrigation.

Although there are multiple options to treat for Termites, prevention is a much less expensive option.  To find out more about preventing Termites, call us today at (520) 886-3029.

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