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Africanized Honey Bees are the type of Bees that cause safety concerns in the Desert Southwest.  These particular Bees can be VERY aggressive when a hive is established (hence the nickname ‘killer bees’).  However, not every encounter with this species is cause for alarm.

Bees can be observed when they are foraging for either food or water.  Blooming plant life can attract large quantities of this pest.  Alike to other desert species, they need food and water to survive.  Ponds, pools, sprinkler heads and many other water sources also attract Bees strictly because of the nourishment they provide.  These foraging Bees are not to be feared, since they are typically docile and not defending their home or their eggs.

Although Bee activity does not always post a threat, there are several situations that we should all be wary of when it comes to the presence of Bees.

When Bees travel, they travel in what we call a “swarm”.  This swarm is led by a Queen Bee.  When the queen decides to rest, she will find an attractive spot to land.  Once she lands, the rest of the Bees will swarm around her to protect her while she rests.  The landing of a swarm can be a dangerous situation.  If the Bees feel that you are a threat, they will attack.
A hive of Bees is established once a permanent location is found to call their home.  In this “home”, the Bees will immediately start developing honeycomb.  Once this honeycomb is created, the Bees will lay eggs to reproduce.  Once eggs are laid within the honeycomb, the colony of Bees will aggressively protect their young.

If you are experiencing a situation where a hive/honeycomb has been established, we strongly encourage you to call a local pest control professional to handle the situation. Bee control can be a dangerous situation if not properly trained and attempting to take care of the problem can result in being attacked by the Bees.  Once a Bee has stung you with an attack pheromone, the rest of the colony will attack you.  The small hive you thought you had can quickly grow to thousands and a simple situation may turn fatal without proper equipment.

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