Importance of Maintaining Proper Weed Control in Your Yard

A city in New Mexico is encouraging its residents to maintain proper weed prevention and control strategies.

“It’s that time of the year when we distribute letters urging residents to get their weeds in yards under control,” said Gina Gentile, city planner for Deming, New Mexico.

In Deming, as well as various other parts of the country, city officials and code enforcers will actually go to each resident’s property to hand out letters and make sure that city residents are complying with lawn care ordinances.

Invest in Weed Control… Or Else

If you’re wondering why cities would care so much about their residents’ yards, it’s because the letters aren’t just friendly reminders. When homeowners fail to practice basic weed control, their property can become a public nuisance.

According to the Deming Headlight, city residents have roughly 10 days to comply with the weed control letter and to clear their laws of any weeds that could have accumulated over the summer.

“We will look for excessive growth in yards and properties,” Gentile added. “Any weeds, plants, trees, or busters that are obstructing view.”

To prevent weeds from growing in the first place, apply post-emergence herbicides after three to four mow sessions.

How Weeds Can Damage Your Property

Weeds affect some properties much more than others, and it can be a serious problem that will undoubtedly lower the resale value of the home. Plus, weeds provide cover for mice, snakes, rats, and other pests. If your property has an excess of unwanted weeds, your best bet is to contact a professional weed service.

Weed control services can send professionals who are experienced in all types of weed remediation and removal. It’s better to act as soon as possible so your property is not overrun with these unwanted plants, as they can actually grow quite fast if left unattended. But you should also do everything in your power to make sure weeds do not affect your home.

Properly mowing your lawn, providing the right amount of herbicide, and periodically searching for areas that could have weeds is essential for weed prevention. The worst thing property owners can do is ignore their lawn for months at a time, because there will inevitably be a surplus of weeds if you aren’t careful. Even if you plan on going out of town for an extended period of time, you should make sure someone like a family member, neighbor, or weed control service can come by and do a quick mow everyone couple of weeks.

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