How To Keep Winter Pests Out Of Your Home

winter pests

Even though the winter in Tucson can be mild, everyone enjoys snuggling up inside while the wind blows outside. And if you think this is true with people, imagine how little critters and pests feel! Now, more than ever, rodents, bed bugs, and termites are looking for a place to get cozy, and that place can be your home.

Once it gets a bit blustery and cold outside, many American homeowners forget to protect their home from those invading pests. So if you want to stop bugs and rodents from overwintering in your home, we have created a how-to guide for prepping your home against a winter invasion.


Since your garage is one of the most accessible parts of your home, small animals tend to end up there first. Some tips to follow to ensure they don’t make themselves at home include:

  • Check underneath your car hood and wheel well. This is a popular place for larger animals and rodents to hide.
  • Try and keep the majority of your items on shelves rather than sitting on the ground.
  • Look around at the windows and doors. Seal any gaps larger than a quarter of an inch.Look around at the windows and doors. Seal any gaps larger than a quarter of an inch.Look around at the windows and doors. Seal any gaps larger than a quarter of an inch.
  • Use over-the-counter insect sprays to repel pests.


Because the kitchen tends to be the hub of your home, there are plenty of enticing things for pests to munch on. So here are some of our favorite kitchen rodent control tips:

  • Empty your garbage can every other day to reduce smells.
  • Thoroughly scrub underneath appliances to completely remove dust and forgotten crumbs.
  • Keep food in airtight containers.
  • If you have wooden drawers, remove them completely and check for termite infestations every season. These little bugs don’t need that much room to squeeze into your home, and they can enter a space as small as 1/32nd of an inch. This means that they could be entering your home without you even knowing.


The fireplace is a popular area for birds, spiders, and squirrels to burrow down in. To keep them out, do the following:

  • Invest in a chimney cap and get it professionally installed.
  • Store your firewood 20 feet away from the home’s foundation.
  • Get your fireplace professionally cleaned at least once a season.
  • Keep all flues closed when the fireplace is not in use.

If you follow these easy steps, your home should stay pest and rodent-free, not only for the rest of winter, but for the rest of the year. Of course, if you have found pests such as mice, rats, squirrels, or bugs invading your home, don’t hesitate to contact professional rodent control experts.

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