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Kissing Bug


Kissing BugThe Kissing Bug is about 1 inch in length.  They have a cone-shaped head with short curved mouthparts.  Some species have an orange and black mixture of color on their back.  Kissing Bugs have a set of wings that enables them to fly.


Kissing Bugs are active in the night.  They are parasites that feed on the blood of mammals.  They are often associated with Pack Rats and live in their dens.  Kissing Bugs can also bite humans.  They are often attracted into structures from exterior lighting.  Kissing Bugs are a known vector for various diseases including Chagas Disease.


Kissing Bug on Carpet

When these bugs are inside a building, there is usually a rodent problem.  Cleaning away Pack Rat dens is a great way to reduce problems with these insects.  Yellow “bug” lights will also be less attractive for Kissing Bugs.  Pest control maintenance programs are also effective in managing Kissing Bugs.

Fun Fact:

Kissing Bugs got their name because it was once believed they will only bite a person on the lips.