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Kissing Bug with redish-orange striping

Kissing Bug

Kissing bugs can deliver a real kiss of death

Kissing bugs – A member of the Triatominae insect family, are blood sucking insects that are known to prey on humans as a food source. These pests are sometimes called cone-nose bug, masked hunter bug and Mexican bed bug. A major reason these insects are called “kissing bugs” is because they tend to bite around the mouth and eyes.

These Tucson Arizona pests can cause severe allergic reactions and even transmit a potentially fatal ailment called Chagas disease. Of course, dying is uncommon but it’s definitely worth knowing the danger.

Usually attracted by lights, the kissing bug is also attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out. Kissing bugs are slightly smaller than an inch and are completely flat, unless they have recently had a meal of blood. These pests are dark brown or mostly black and usually have orange (sometimes even red) markings around the abdomen. These insects also have a rather extended mouthpiece (that they use for feeding) in comparison to the rest of their species.

The brown leaf-shaped bugs take flight May through September when the nights are warm and dry, especially in Arizona’s lower elevations. Areas including Maricopa and Pinal counties where the bugs are most common.

It’s sometimes easy to confuse these insects with other pests like the assassin, wheel or stink bug. Always double check that you are actually dealing with a kissing bug. If you are unsure, please contact Essential Pest Control at 520-886-3029 or visit our pest id section available on our website here. We are also ready to help you with any pest control Tucson services.


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