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Leaf Cutter AntThis ant is a reddish rust color.  The workers measure 1/12” to ½” in length.  They make large volcano-like mounds.



Leaf Cutter Ants do what their name states.  They are capable of stripping a small tree or shrub of it’s foliage over night.  Leaf Cutter Ants collect the leaves and take them under ground where they are stored.  The leaves grow a fungus that the ants harvest as food.  They prefer well drained or sandy soil to build their nests that they use for several years.

Leaf Cutter mound Opening

Leaf Cutter Ants are best controlled with direct insecticide applications to their nesting sites.  Several gallons of material may be needed.

Fun Fact:

Leaf Cutter Ant colonies can extend down to 12 feet underground.