When Are Termites Most Active?

Every year, a tiny bugs called termites costs property owners billions of dollars in damage. These infuriatingly persistent pests eat wood products, whether it comes in the form of trees, books, furniture, or even the wood that makes up your building. Unfortunately, termites can be tricky to spot—by the time you see any signs of them in your home or yard, they may already have caused extensive damage. Knowing when termites are most likely to be active can help you stay alert to the warning signs of their presence.


When You’ll Usually See Termites

Termites need warm weather in order to thrive. If the surface of the ground is cold and the air is dry, termites won’t be able to find the moisture they need to survive. When the weather turns cold, termites tend to burrow into the ground. “Termite season” is generally considered to extend from March to May. As the air warms up during this time, termites leave their colonies in search of new territory. If they find a suitable environment, they’ll start up a new colony.


What Type of Termites You’ll Encounter

In the Southwest, the type of termites you’ll most likely run across are known as subterranean termites. These insects live in the ground, but they’re constantly searching for wood to nest in and feed on. If you’ve ever seen the small mud tubes these termites build, you may have wondered what their purpose was. Termites build these tubes to shelter themselves and to build a path to the wood they need.


What You Can Do When You Have Termites

If you notice termite mud tubes in your yard or unexplained damage to wood inside your home, you probably have a termite infestation on your hands. It’s all but impossible for most homeowners to remove termites themselves—they’re notoriously elusive pests. That’s why it’s always important to seek out the help of a trained pest control professional if you suspect that you have termites.


When termites have invaded your property, time is of the essence. To get the effective termite control you need for your home or business in Tucson or Marana, get in touch with Essential Pest Management. You can reach our pest control experts today at (520) 908-6251.

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