Liquid Termite Treatment, or Sentricon System?

When it comes to Termites, you should never mess around.  One of the first steps to take against the battle of Termites is to have an inspection once a year.  Secondly, it is not only recommended, but important to have a preventative treatment completed.  This will help to keep the Termites from eating away your property.

There are two types of properties in our region.  The ones that have Termites, and the ones that are going to have Termites.  In order to prevent Termites from invading your space, treatment is necessary.  When deciding on a specific treatment, you should consider the structure of your home.

Termite Services

The great debate, to use a liquid treatment, or a baiting system.  Here are the differences between the two.

Liquid Treatments:
This treatment is a chemical barrier applied around the property intended to repel or kill Termites that come in contact with the barrier.

Non-repellent termiticide
Long residual in our dry desert environment
Low toxicity, no odor

Sentricon Baiting System:
This system is designed to eliminate all the Termites attacking the structure.  With no Termites, barriers become unnecessary.

Eliminates the Termites
Reduces chemical use & potential exposure
Works on all property construction types
Eliminates the unsightly results of drilling of the property

For more information on either of these treatments, call Essential today at (520) 886-3029.

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