Liquid Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment

Liquid Termiticide Application

A Liquid Termite treatment is a barrier against Termites that is applied around a foundation to repel or kill the Termites entering a structure.  This technology is a time tested proven method for stopping Termite activity.

This method of treatment is suggested for homes that have standard concrete for exterior patios, have no changes in grade, and has one main slab.

There are a variety of liquid chemical termiticides to choose from. Essential’s product of choice is Premise Termiticide.

The Premise advantage is the transfer process.  When Termites tunnel through the treatment barrier, the chemical material is brought back to the colony and transferred to other Termites.

Other advantages include a long residual in our dry desert environment and Premise is the least toxic termiticide on the market. Essential can use other products for a liquid Termite treatment upon customer request.

Premise Advantages

Non-repellent termiticide
Long residual in our dry desert environment
Low toxicity, no odor

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