Major Benefits of a Termite Inspection

Major Benefits of a Termite Inspection

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Subterranean Termites

The benefits of a termite inspection ensure that your home or premises is free of any termite activity. This is especially crucial if you are purchasing a property, and for maintenance of existing structures which contain timber.  Timber may be present in flooring, walls, stairs, roof, eaves and fittings such as cupboards as well as in external structures such as fences.

What are Termites Exactly?

Termites are social insects which feed on wood and cellulose related materials, and can pose a serious threat to residential buildings and commercial premises constructed from timber. The workers are the primary agents of destruction as they forage for food and construct tunnels and the nest.  The nest is where the breeding queens are located, where they produce large amounts of eggs per day.

Termite Control Options

An inspection for termite activity can use a number of different techniques including visual inspection, moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras. These devices allow one to locate termite activity hidden from view in wall cavities, without using invasive techniques. Treatment is undertaken on a property with an existing termite infestation and may involve the use of chemical barrier treatments including dusts and bait. There is also a baiting system called Sentricon. A system in which is becoming a great alternative and more preferred form of termite treatment and protection. Barrier treatments are preventative and also typically involve a chemical application.  The insecticide works by being collected by the workers and transferred to the nest, which then dies off.

What takes place in a Termite Inspection

A termite inspection involves a thorough visual inspection of a property, and will:

  • Identify old damage as well as active termite activity
  • Identify the level of risk of infestation
  • Advise on reducing future termite infestations; and
  • Provide a quotation for a termite treatment

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