Managing Weeds Around Your Arizona Home

Weed Service

Pre-emergent Application in Yard


Weed seedlings in Arizona are constantly blowing into the Tucson area from our surrounding desert environment as part of plants’ normal reproductive process.  Unfortunately, this natural process causes unsightly weeds to pop up in your yard.  While annual weeds grow, flower, produce seed, and die within one season, perennial weeds can live for several years.  The control methods you choose will depend on what type of weed you are dealing with and on the recommendation of your Weed Control provider.  Here are some ways to manage weeds around your home and keep your yard looking beautiful.


Spot Removal

Mechanical removal is the most desirable control method if you only have a few weeds in a relatively small area.  This can be accomplished with sharp hoes, shovels, or hand pulling.  Removing weeds isn’t the most fun you can have, but it’s good exercise and may even be therapeutic.  If you have a lot of weeds or would rather save your energy, hire a weed control professional in Tucson to clean up your property.

Post-Emergent Herbicide

Annual and perennial weeds in gravel areas can be controlled with the application of a post-emergent herbicide.  “Post-emergent” means that it’s for weeds that have already sprouted and are growing.  The most common post-emergent herbicides you can buy contain Glyphosate or Glufosinate.  If you would rather have an herbicide applied by a professional, your Tucson weed control company can do the job for you.

Pre-Emergent Application

There are plenty of pre-emergent products on the market that work well in preventing weed seeds from sprouting.  However, you should not use a pre-emergent if you plan to establish a Bermuda grass lawn by seeding.  Again, your weed control provider can apply a pre-emergent herbicide twice a year to control summer and winter weeds so you don’t have to do it yourself.

If you are in need of weed control, Essential Pest Management can help.  We provide a comprehensive range of Weed Control services to the Tucson community and surrounding areas.  Visit our website for more information, or call (520) 886-3029 with your questions.

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