Moisture Triggers Pests from Ground Up

Yet again, Tucson and the surrounding areas are faced with Termites.  Although Termites are active all year long, Summer is their favorite season.  One of the most well known seasonal happenings is what we call “Monsoons”.  This is when Termites are most operational.

What is “Monsoon season”?
This is when we receive rainstorms that consist of lightning, thunder, and high powered winds.  Southern desert regions are part of the affected area by these intense thunderstorms.

What do termites look like

Subterranean Termite

Why do Termites love this season?
Unfortunately, we have optimal weather conditions that make it easy for Termites to be active all year long.  However, when Monsoon season arrives, moisture comes along with it.  This is a great source for Termites.

What can I do to prevent or stop Termites?
First things first, you should have a Termite inspection annually.  When it comes to treating or preventing Termites, there are a couple options.  One way to go about this is to perform a liquid Termite treatment.

Liquid termiticides are chemical barriers applied around the property intended to repel or kill termites that come in contact with the barrier.

Another answer to your Termite problems is the Sentricon Always Active Baiting System.  The Sentricon Baiting System is designed to eliminate all the Termites attacking the structure.  With no Termites, barriers become unnecessary.

Monsoon Season and Termites are hard to handle when put together.  To find out more about these treatments or how to get rid of Termites, click here.

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