Mosquito Control in Tucson, Arizona

Mosquito Control Tips

You’d think an arid climate like we have in Tucson would be short on water-loving pests like mosquitoes. Seems only fair, since it’s chock full of scorpions, snakes, termites and bees. But we have skeeters aplenty up here, and they come out to bite any time the weather turns even slightly warm. With the Zika virus moving northward like killer bees did two decades ago, many of our clients view these tiny biters as less of a picnic nuisance and more of a serious health threat.

Fortunately, you can take a few simple steps to minimize the mosquito presence around your home. You won’t eliminate them, but you’ll be able to stay outdoors during the long, cool evenings that make Tucson such a great place to live.

Drain or Treat All Standing Water

Standing water equals mosquitoes. It’s a formula as undeniable as Einstein’s E=MC2 . Small patches of standing water should be drained immediately, and the space checked for new accumulations regularly. For ponds or other water features you can’t drain, treat with a Bti (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) material that kills mosquito and black fly larvae in the water without hurting fish, plants or thirsty house pets.

Treat Shady Areas Around Your Home

Use a safe (for everything but mosquitos) spray like pyterhroids to treat your shaded entryways, spaces beneath trees, and other dark, cool spaces. Mosquitos prefer the cool, and this treatment will drive them someplace else. Treating the entryways is especially important, since that keeps the bugs from flying into your home when people enter and exit.

Change Your Landscaping

We mentioned treating areas under shady trees, but low-lying shade creates shade and moisture at ankle level. Redoing your landscaping to reduce that shade makes fewer mosquito-friendly places. This doesn’t mean you have to pull up favorite bushes. Just trim them back so more of your lawn is exposed to the sun.

Install Low-Bug Lighting

You already know how quickly your porch light and yard lighting attracts mosquitoes and other bugs. Did you know yellow light bulbs, LED lights and sodium lamps don’t emit the spectrum of light that attracts insects? Replacing your outdoor bulbs with these options will drastically reduce your bug count — again, an especially important point near your entry. Bug “zappers” are similar approach, but never kill enough mosquitoes to make a real difference in the population. If you use one, use it in conjunction with low-bug lighting.

Use Caution While Going Outside

Even with all the other advice in place, use regular anti-mosquito techniques while outside. Burn citronella candles, wear long sleeves, and consider screening in your porch if you’re in a high-mosquito area. Put on non-toxic bug sprays for evenings outdoors, and limit your exposure during mosquito “prime time” in the hour before and after sunset.

If you want to get rid of your mosquitoes entirely, or there are so many even the advice we just gave doesn’t help, it’s time to call in the professionals. Our teams will come take care of your mosquito problem quickly, professionally, and safely for your kids and pets. Call today to schedule an on-site estimate.

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