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Mud Dauber


Mud DauberMud Daubers range in color.  They can be yellow and black or dark metallic blue.  They are generally ½ to 1 inch in length with very long and thin waists.


Mud Daubers primarily feed on insects and spiders.  The females collect mud to construct cylindrical shaped nests that are plastered to walls.  The wasps will catch prey and seal it in the nest along with eggs.  The eggs hatch and the larvae feed on the insects and spiders that were left for them.  The Mud Dauber is not an aggressive wasp, but is equipped with a stinger.


Mud Dauber Nest

This wasp tends to make its nest within vents and utility closets.  A pest control program can target these areas.

Fun Fact:

Some species of this insect will steal another wasp’s nest and replace the eggs with theirs.