Need an Exterminator? Keep These 3 Tips in Mind

Need an Exterminator? Keep These 3 Tips in Mind

Every year termites cause about $1 billion in property damage to homeowners in the United States, even if those homeowners don’t immediately realize it. The damage is even more costly if you account for all the other pests that try to invade and degrade your home, from weeds sprouting up in your garden to bats roosting in your crawlspaces.

That’s why the importance of pest control services cannot be overstated. If unwanted pests infest your home, contact a professional exterminator who knows how to rid your home of these pests for good.

There are a few things you should consider, however, when selecting a professional exterminator service for your home.

Do Some Research
Although you do want to handle your pest issue as soon as possible, that doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a questionable pest company just because you need immediate assistance. No matter how serious the issue, you can only make matters worse if you don’t work with a trusted and experienced exterminator. So testing your patience a little bit and doing some thorough research online can be great for you in the long run.

Ask Them Questions
Before hiring a pest control company to handle your infestation, you should first ask them about important extermination tactics. For instance, some exterminators might recommend sticky traps, while others might prefer more humane tactics for larger pests.

And if they are unsure about how to use various pesticides, that can end up putting you and your family in serious harm if they use the wrong chemicals. Ask the pest control company how many years they have been in business and if they can provide you with a list of references. The companies that are qualified and actually have pest control experience should have no problem providing you with a few positive references.

Call the Better Business Bureau
Contacting various organizations like the Department of Agriculture, Attorney General’s Office, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Better Business Bureau can provide you with important information on the company in question. You can ask if there are any serious complaints filed against that particular company.

Pest infestations inside your home can be extremely stressful and should be handled as quickly as possible to minimize damage and expenses. But in your hurry to go pest free, don’t end up working with an inexperienced company just because you’re worried about your home. Take your time and work with a reputable pest control company.

If you’re in the Tucson area and are in need of assistance, contact Essential Pest Control today!

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