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Norway RatNorway Rats range from brown, gray, and black and measure up to 12 inches.  Their tails are semi-naked and are shorter than the length of the body.


Norway Rats are omnivorous and feed on meats, fruits, grain and nuts. They live in colonies close to a water source.  Norway Rats live in communities with one dominant member.  This rat will live in debris piles and in underground burrows.   They can enter structures through quarter-sized holes and nest in insulation.  Norway rats are considered a health risk because they can also live in unsanitary places such as sewers.


Rats Leave Rub Marks In Runways

Controlling Norway Rats is situational specific.  Sanitation is usually the first step.  This involves cleaning up debris, fixing water leaks, and eliminating food sources.  Rodent-proofing is also an effective control measure.  This involves sealing gaps and eliminating potential climbing points.  Rodenticide baiting programs are effective in large populations.  Trapping is often used when dealing with a low population of Norway Rats in a structure.

Fun Fact:

The Norway Rat was brought to the United States by European settlers in 1775.  It is now the most widely distributed rat species in the country.