Pack Rat Control

Pack Rat Control

Pack Rat

Although Pack Rats are well known for the mess that they create, the damage they cause is far worse. This specific type of rat creates its nest form a combination of sticks, cactus, and other small objects. However, it is also common to find Pack Rats living in prickly pear cactus to protect themselves.

Pack Rats are great climbers and can easily fit into crawl spaces or wall voids. This species is particularly active at night. Pack Rats feed on seeds, grass, and cactus. The best way to keep Pack Rats away after they have been eliminated is to remove their dens. If a Pack Rat den is not removed, it is considered a welcome mat for a new set of Pack Rats.

These rats are specifically attracted to shiny objects. If a Pack Rat finds an object that is shinier than the object it already has, it will replace the new object with the old one.

How to Get Rid of Pack Rats

Pack Rat control starts with removing the rodents from the infested area. This task is performed by a pest control professional with rodenticide baiting or trapping. As soon as the Pack Rats are eliminated, their den must be removed. This is completed to reassure there is no re-infestation.

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