Pack Rat Nest Removal

Winter is a wonderful time of year in southern Arizona. When the topic of pest control comes up, rodents become a big issue for this season. Rodents, such as the mice and Pack Rats, are very active in the nighttime hours.

Winter pest in Tucson want to stay warm too!

As nightly temperatures decrease and food becomes scarce, rodents tend to move into structures. There are various methods of rodent prevention that can be done to the average home. Among the most effective is exclusion. Exclusion targets potential entry points such as cracks, crevices, gaps, holes, door sweeps, windows, etc. and uses materials like caulking, steal wool, or weather stripping to seal them up. With these physical barriers in place, rodents like Mice and Pack Rats have a difficult time getting inside.

The surrounding environment can also be inviting to rodents. Over grown trees, bushes, and cactus can harbor rodents. Trees touching the roof must be cut back. Large bushes need approximately 12” of clearance from the ground. Cactus, such as the prickly pear should be inspected for Pack Rat evidence and cut back if needed. Excessive outdoor storage of personal items can also harbor rodents.

Other methods of rodent control include trapping and rodenticide baiting. For further questions, please contact our office at (520) 886-3029

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