Pack Rat Removal

Tucson natives often refer to the common Woodrat as a Pack Rat.  This is due to the common behavior of hoarding debris and materials to form nasty nests.  Nests in the desert normally consist of branches, mesquite pods and other debris packed into prickly pear cactus or other dense shrubs.  Unfortunately when these pest find harborage around the home the nest is made of more than twigs.  Nests materials can be made up of an assortment of materials including shredded wiring, valuables, and other sensitive items.

Pack Rat DamageDue to our warm temperatures throughout the year Pack Rats can be a nuisance pest year round.  Pack Rats are usually nocturnal and go unseen.  They have a large body approximately 7-9 inches, brownish in color and weigh 7-10 ounces.  Food preference vary upon availability. Sources of food include seeds, nuts, insects, and even pet food.

Unfortunately for homeowners you rarely find the rodent, you find the damage and debris they cause.  Usually nests are built in areas that are seldom accessed like storage sheds, closets, equipment access areas, under barbecues, or behind outdoor furniture.

Pack Rats are a common desert pests.  They are obviously more prevalent in areas where natural desert is encroaching upon the residence.  Rodent prevention usually begins with smart landscaping with natural open barriers between the desert and the structure.  Utilize plantings, such as trees or bushes that don’t have low lying leaves, or branches that touch the ground.  You want to be able to visually see underneath all plantings around the home. This will reduce all potential hiding areas for Pack Rats and reduce encroachment of the structure.  Landscape barriers of at least 50 feet will help.

Pack Rat Close up PIC 7-13-12Some basic home maintenance practices will also help. Don’t store items against the structure. Make sure all opening such as pipe fittings, door seals, and other potential entry points are sealed.  A general rule of thumb is that any opening the size of a dime is a potential rodent access point.

Pack Rat Removal

In some instances landscaping and good home maintenance may not be enough.  Hiring an exterminator to eliminate a problem or institute a prevention plan may be necessary.  At Essential we have a variety of tools that include trapping, baiting, debris removal, or exclusion.  If you have a Pack Rat problem, contact your local Pest Control company today for help.

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