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Pack Rat


The Pack Rat measures 6 to 7 inches.  They are brownish grey with a bright white under coat.  Their tails are about 5 to 6 inches in length with fine hair, and they have very large eyes and ears.


The Pack Rat is very well known for the giant mess they can make.  This rat will collect cactus, sticks, and any other small object and pile on top of its nest.  It is common for these rats to live in prickly pear cactus for protection.  However, they are excellent climbers and can easily in habit an attic, wall void, or crawl space.  They primarily feed on seeds, grasses, and cacti.  This rat is active at night.


Build Nests Out of Debris

Pack Rat control is best achieved by removing the rodents from an area first.  This can be done through rodenticide bating or trapping.  Once the Pack Rats have been eliminated, any dens they have created are physically removed.  Preventative measures include keeping landscapes trimmed back, throwing away fallen fruits, and sealing gaps and other entry points around the home.

Fun Fact:

Pack Rats are attracted to shiny objects.  In fact, if they find a shinier object than the one it has, it will replace the old object with the new shiny one.