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Paper Wasp


Paper Wasps can range in color from bright yellow to crimson red.  They can get over 1 inch in length and have black wings.  They create paper-like comb nests that hang from a cellulose stem.


This is a social wasp.  The queen starts a new colony in the spring.  The colony will grow throughout the summer and peak in population in the fall.  The colony will then produce new queens to start more colonies the following spring.  Paper Wasps feed on flower nectar, small insects, and are often found skimming water off the surface of pools.  These wasps can be very aggressive when protecting their nests.  They are capable of stinging multiple times.  Stings can cause redness, swelling, and even allergic reactions.


Paper Wasp Nest


Paper Wasps are best controlled by eliminating their nests.  This can be dangerous and should be handled by a pest control professional.  Trapping wasps can also be effective if the nests cannot be located.

Fun Fact:

Paper Wasps can often fly into a moving car in the summer causing accidents.  If this ever happens, don’t panic, slowly pullover and release the wasp.