Spring Pest Control Tucson

Spring Pest Control

Spring Pest ControlSpring is a great time of year for service from a local pest control company.  Spring Pest Control can keep insect problems that have not yet spun out of control at bay, and can make it is easier to prevent them.  Pests become more active in spring because the night time temperatures increase.  Many insects begin their reproductive cycles in the spring.  As their numbers increase, so do scorpions and spiders.  These hunters can easily be found around the house in the spring.

Another spring pest control issue that comes to mind is bees.  Spring is when our Africanized honey bees swarm the most.  A resting swarm looks like a big ball of bees.  The swarm of bees is looking for a new place to nest.  Swarms should be considered dangerous, call a professional bee removal service. We also see a lot of wasps in the spring.  The paper wasp will nest in almost any shady area such as bushes, overhangs, and roof vents.


One of the potentially biggest spring pest control probles we see is ants.  With increased plant growth, ants begin foraging more.  Certain ant species begin swarming in the spring as well.  Ant swarming is when winged-reproductive’s fly in search of a mate.

This spring is looking to be very busy.  We have not experienced a hard frost this year and there were some good winter rains.  Please contact us with any bug questions you may have, thank you for using Essential Pest Control.


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