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April 5, 2022
pest control

Essential Pest Control takes care of all of your toughest pest control needs with science! Creating better environments for friends and family while eliminating the source of household pest problems. At Essential Pest Control, we create customized programs for the individual homeowner in order to effectively eliminate your pest problems! The program focuses on eliminating the pest threat with biology and chemistry before pest infestation becomes a problem.

One of our programs, The Power Pest Program, helps build a bug barrier to stop bugs in their tracks. This service includes a liquid application in and outside the perimeter of the home. Insecticide granulation in rock and grassy areas for some of those tougher creatures like scorpions, centipedes and some ants. A micro dusting around pipes, cracks and crevasses and light fixtures. To wrap it up, a de-webbing in eves, vents and other hard to reach places.

Visit our residential page or call: 520-886-3029


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